▼ Mug Stories


a collaboration between Nathalie Hendrickx and myself.

We were neighbors @ “de invasie van Antwerpen” and in Riga we met again. 
The idea has grown to bring Nathalie’s frivolous handmade ceramics together 
with my funny minimalistic illustrations.

The beginning of “Mug stories”. “Mug stories” is a collection of handmade porcelain coffee cups 
with unique illustrations.

Drinking coffee invites people to share stories. And what’s more fun than drinking coffee
out of a storytelling mug?

Babette Lechat, Boris Egel, Fritz Fuchs and Buffalo Jane are all unique. 
Each of them has different habits, its own character and personal life motto. 
Immerse yourself in their world and enjoy in the meantime of a delicious cup of fresh coffee ...

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